From our home to yours, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Like each year before, this one was filled with challenges and growth. In each, we have had the opportunity to see God at work in our lives and grow to know Him more. Our prayer is that we have all drawn closer to the God who has come near as we celebrate His birth.

What a gift we have in celebrating Jesus! Can you imagine your life without Him? Its His love in us that binds us together. Its His glorious spirit that lives in us and that fills our lives with hope amid the hardest and darkest experiences. In this season, we reflect on Jesus who has come near to us and to be IN us.

Peace to you and Merry Christmas from

The Cottle family





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Hello !
Summer is almost here and we have so many exciting things happening in the next few months.

In June we have young adults arriving from all all over the States to join us for the Burning Heart Intensive . We will spend 8 weeks of building community and going hard after God as we work with kids who will be attending our summer camps.
In September we will host our first YWAM Discipleship Training School and we are already accepting applications for students and staff !
Here’s more information about Arise DTS
Arise Generations DTS
Arise! The whole earth is rumbling with the sound of the return of Jesus. Hearts are longing and nations are waiting to hear the gospel and experience real transformation. We long to see people of all background, culture, experience, education and generations grow together and challenge each other to take their place in the Kingdom of God. In the context of covenant community we desire to prepare, raise up and release lovers of God with burning hearts who love the sound of His presence in worship and intercession and who will carry that sound to a poor, hurting, needy and broken world.
Both religious and secular history testifies to the affectual power of a simple “yes” in a fully submitted heart. Can you imagine your life marked for destiny that changes neighborhoods, cities and even nations? What if God is waiting on you to say “yes”? We long to run with those who will dare themselves to be taken to the deepest places and who will not put limits on God’s plan for their lives.
It is in our individual and collective encounters with the Living God that we are radically transformed and carry the seeds of revival to others. We believe that God is preparing The Church, His Bride, for the greatest outpouring of His Spirit and the most fruitful harvest we have ever seen! Its time to ARISE!
We are actively seeking young adults, families and any heart that has a yearning for the deep things of God and desires to see His kingdom come. Have you just finished High School or College and looking to go deeper in relationship with God? Are you a family wanting more than what the world is offering you? Have you accomplished and experienced much in life and yet you are determined to stay available and willing to answer His call wherever and however it leads? If you answer is ‘yes” then we welcome those who will live radically and fearlessly for the sake of Jesus!


Know God and Make Him Known
Hearing God’s Voice
The Father Heart of God
Identity in Christ
The Cross
Study and communicate God’s Word effectively
The Nature and Character of God
Biblical Worldview
Intercession and Spiritual Warfare
The Holy Spirit
Cross-cultural Ministry
International Missions

Please continue to pray for us. While exciting , the summer schedule and preparing for the fall will require lots of hard work. We want to hear from The Lord carefully as we plan and lead these efforts. Please also pray for the leaders who will be joining us and the summer intensive staff as we pursue The Lords heart and disciple young campers. Please also be in prayer about our plans in preparing for the DTS which begins September 29.

We are so thankful for the way you have supported us and prayed for us in this last year of transition. There are more exiting things to share and so much that God is doing among us here that there is not enough room to write about . Thank you for your faithful partnerships and friendships.
Also, if you are interested in joining our monthly support team, please let us know and we would love to speak with you . more information here

We want to speak with you personally about how your prayers and financial support are contributing to these efforts. We would like to set up phone calls, Skype and FaceTime with each of you who would like to hear more about these efforts and what we will be doing in the coming months. Please email Brady if you would like to schedule a time to speak with us. We would love to hear from you!

Grace and Peace
The Cottles

Today I’m looking for Intercessors who will commit to praying for our upcoming Burning Heart intensive where will train 25 young leaders in core discipleship , evangelism and missions . Ask The Lord to stir the hearts of young people ages 17- 25 to join us for 8 weeks this summer . Post a comment if your willing to pray for this effort 3 times a week .



Our family is in a new and exciting season here in the greater Portland area and we want to let you know what’s happening ! We would love to set up a personal phone call, FaceTime or Skype to connect and share all the amazing ways we are encountering God and the vision he has given us for the new year. Let is know if you would like to set up a time to connect !!
Our community is a praying community and we would love to pray for you and with you ! Let us know how we can join you in prayer.



This fall will be 10 years since we walked into the greatest journey of our lives. 10 years ago we said yes to laying down our dreams for life and picking up the dreams The Lord had in store for us. The stories are endless as we have been challenged, transformed, ignited, grown, and provided for. Each move we have made and each child we have adopted has taken us to a new level of faith, I, at the time, wasn’t sure I could handle. Each step of faith leading to one journey after the other and stretching us even more. This past year when we felt called to YWAM Kona I knew The Lord was asking something of us that only HE could do. Come on, 9 family members go to Kona, Hawaii for 6 months!!! Who does this? Who gets invited to such a thing? Well we did and every need and every step of the way He provided. At 42 years old I became more alive than I have ever felt. I learned so much about walking life out to the fullest. I learned about joyful repentance, walking with an unoffendable heart and the great joy of sharing the gospel. These are all things I have been taught before but they were taken to a whole new level and it spoke right to my heart. While in those 6 months I felt more alive than ever I was also challenged far beyond what I had signed up for. From selling everything we owned on this earth but our 9 passenger van and some clothes, to my dad being given not much more time to live, to one of our children having the emotional hurts of his past and letting them all come to a head while in Kona, a miscarriage at 14 weeks, going low and serving and leading peers, wrestling all along with what is after Kona. The things I asked of The Lord at age 42 was that he would give me greater wisdom, more humility, grow me in leadership and more love for HIS word. I just did not know I would get in leading 16 peers and 24 children on outreach, in being desperate for HIS word to carry me through the pain of not being with my dad in his illness, and in trying to love a 10 year old boy who thought he could raise himself. I found myself both grateful and exhausted at the end of the 6 months. When I arrived back in Dallas and saw my parents and hugged their necks I was overcome by the graciousness of The Lord that he sustained my dads life long enough for me to see him face to face again. During all of this we felt like Canby, Oregon had been highlighted to us as the place He had for us next. This all felt like an out of body experience since I was trying to grieve my dads death and figure out how and why we we would be sent 30 hours away from “home”. In August we started our journey to Canby where our kids attended camp the first week we were here. Brady and I both almost instantly fell in love with the mountains and trees and the weather. ( I wore a sweatshirt in August) As I wrestled with The Lord the following two weeks as to how were we going to start all over again and how do I fill this whole in my heart of my dad being gone and are my kids going to like it here, is The Lord going to speak to them too that this is where we are suppose to be and will we find a home, what will we do for school and the list goes on. I am thankful to say that The Lord has made it such a pleasurable journey. He has answered so many of my requests for instance; schooling, a home to live in, what we will do here? YES! He spoke to my children unanimously that we were to be here. We have met many wonderful and like hearted people on this journey of pursing the presence of The Lord. So although I still have questions unanswered and my heart still grieves, I have signed up again whole heartedly to this season of life laid before me. I am excited and thankful to be here, make this our new home and partner with what is going on here.



Noah makes “I am” statements”

Recently Noah learned about how listening to God will help you be more secure in your identity in Him. In this segment, Noah shares some things he recently heard and then declared.



Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”