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Can you imagaine my hearts delight when I heard our 8 year old daughter make this comment?  We were in the first month of outreach on The Big Island of Hawaii.  It was typical to go out several times a week as a family and to find people with whom we could share the love of our friend Jesus.  This time was a bit less structured as we were directed to pray and ask the Lord for a place to go and meet people. It could have been anywhere on the beach, within town among the tourists or in the nearby neighborhoods where we had distributed copies of the bible.  In this case our team felt as if we were to spend some time visiting with people around the community center and a park known as “Old Airport Beach Park”.  This was a popular site for the locals and was once the site of an old landing strip where the first airport had been. It was the home of midweek soccer practices and local hula competitions. It was also a popular place for Island homeless folks to hang out inconspicously. This time it was Maille, Noah, Kam and the two little ones.  We parked, loaded the stroller and made our way thru the expansive practice fields and playgrounds.  Mind you,  Im sharing this with you in such a matter of fact mannor but we were indeed filled with a bit of fear.  “What if we dont find anyone?”  “What if they reject our message and dont want to hear it?”  “What if we stumble over our words and look like fools?”  All of these thoughts filled our heads and we even voiced them aloud to each other as we made our way.  We prayed “God,  you are worthy of our weak attempts and we know that Jesus is real and is wanting to make new friends today” Just a few moments later we spotted very young couple laying on the grass together.  I knew were had an opportunity to share the love of God with these folks. Just think in an instant, they could make a decision to be friends with Jesus too and be changed for ever!!! It was this thought we had in mind as we approached them.  We asked “Do you know Jesus?”  Both of them responded “Yeah…didnt he die for our freedom or something like that?”  “Yes!, yes!” I replied. He did infact die for our freedom. I loved that he said it that way.  I then began to ask them if they had ever heard the simple gospel about Jesus.  They both said “no” and agreed that they would like to hear it.  In my mind Im thinking “really? Is this easy?” Using the scriptures from Romans I layed out the simple gospel message ending with Romans 10:9-10, and 13 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved … For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (NLT).  I then asked “would you like to know Him forever and be sure that your eternal home will be with him?” Again, to my amazement they both said “yes!” As I prayed with them my heart was filled with a flurry of emotions.  I realized that I loved watching people get saved and I loved that this was happening with my kids beside me who were helping me convey the biblical truths of the gospel themselves. Both of them entered into an eternal relationship with Jesus that day. Fact is Jesus was pursuing them long before we got there. We just got to see them say yes out loud. As we made our way home that afternoon we were sharing the things we saw and talking about the people that we had met.  We were so excited that our efforts paid off and we got to see people meet Jesus.  As we were walking Maille looks up and says “Daddy, now I have more courage to share The Gospel the next time.  This is a first hand  testimony of how making this transition into missions has so radically impacted our lives.  We desire to live for nothing less than these encounteres among our family.  We have seen that indeed the “feilds are white unto harvest” (Matt 9) and we are all given the tools we need to take our part as laborers.  We simply say “yes” and see Him do extrodinary things.

Greetings Friends and partners

This week we meet the end of the six-month commitment we made with YWAM and graduate from the Fire and Fragrance DTS.
After three months of lecture phase (ending late this past March), Misty and I lead a team of 40 people made up of seven families and 2 singles (19 adults and 24 children ) around the Big Island of Hawaii to -save the lost -revive the saved -and train them all. In the past 10 weeks we have shared the gospel, prayed for the sick and strengthened local believers daily.
We’ve seen our children grow in actively and confidently hearing God’s voice while going with them on treasure hunts to share the gospel and pray for the sick. As a family we have grown together and have been more deeply rooted in love for God, His presence, and the mission field.
As an outreach team, we were able to take part in a bible distribution project to reach over 8000 homes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ . We personally got to share the gospel and lead people to salvation in Jesus.
We partnered with local churches by preaching and exhorting the body toward intimacy with Jesus and saving the lost. We witnessed God pour out his mercy over the lost , the sick healed and even the dead raised!

Our school teams went to the nations to preach the gospel and saw hundreds of salvations in India, Nepal, London and Amsterdam, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles California, Uganda, and South Africa. As a school we saw hundreds of people transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and their souls changed for eternity.

We are hooked! We are all in!
We can honestly say that the last six months have been so transformational that it will change our family forever. How can we do anything else but continue to join him in this work?
On June 12th we leave Kona Hawaii, headed for Dallas, Texas where we hope to connect with so many of you, our family and friends. While in Dallas we want to connect with our faithful financial supporters and prayer partners to share about our experiences and vision for Missions in the next leg of our journey.
In early August we travel to Canby, Oregon to work with the Jump in House of Prayer and make connections at the YWAM base in Salem.
Currently our plan is to return to Kona by mid December thru Spring to rejoin our YWAM cohorts to disciple and train more young missionaries and support families as they transition into full time missions.
Recently our family ventured out all together to watch the movie The Croods. I know we are a bit behind but we loved this movie so much because we could relate to this family journey in so many ways. There are several quotes we liked so I thought I would end with this one that seems to sum up where we are so well given all that we have experienced and now left feeling compelled to respond in like manner

“No more caves ! We’re gonna jump on the sun (Son) and ride it till Tomorrow” —The Croods

Prayer requests :
Continue to pray for us on this journey that we would carry this zeal we have forward toward for more salvations and more revived souls.
-Continue to consider a monthly financial partnership with us.
-Pray for opportunities to share our story with Dallas area churches
-Pray for the contacts we will make in Dallas and Canby, Oregon
-Pray for a buyer for our van this week in Kona or a clear word from The Lord about this
– Pray for the children in this transition as we say goodbye to such close friends from all over the world.
-Pray for preaching opportunities in Dallas and on our trip to Oregon in late July .

Grace and Peace,
The Cottles
Brady & Misty
Olivia (12) Kam (10) Noah (8)Maille (8) Edie (6) Brandon (4) Caroline (2)

The one thing I ask of the Lord — the thing I seek most— is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord ’s perfections and meditating in his Temple. (Psalms 27:4 NLT)

href=””>Attitude of Gratitude

Just wanted to share this video from one of the leadership team of our Discipleship Training School in Kona . This is a great exhortation no matter what things you have planned, no matter your circumstances in life and journey with our God.

We are exceedingly grateful for the opportunities we have had to know you and to have done life with you in various ways. We are grateful for the relationships that have molded and shaped our character , inspired our dreams and given is strength from near and far places. We are thankful for where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

Our God is forever working on our behalf and leaving us lacking in no good thing !

Grace and Peace
The Cottles

Much to be Shared! / blog by Stacy Reeves

SO MUCH has happened with our journey to YWAM it’s just crazy! First off I would like to start off by saying that while we were in Kona visiting, we felt like the Lord said a third family would be coming with us and the Cottles. I sensed it while we were there, Misty sensed it as well, and then to confirm our suspicions, a friend at church one Sunday morning informed us as he was praying for our families, the Lord had given him a vision of a third family from our church in Kona with us. He said he saw us all gathered around a table in fellowship and full of joy and he clearly saw who the family was. When I asked who it was, he said he wasn’t suppose to tell me that part, that God would do His thing. Well, of course for a while Misty and I tried to figure out who the third family was, but never did. As months went on and it grew closer to leaving time, I honestly thought, ‘well, I guess there won’t be a third family. Maybe we heard wrong.’ Then BOOM again, so all of a sudden. It was clear as day to this wonderful third family and to us that they were suppose to be with us in Kona. So here we have it 3 (the number of completion) families going to DTS in just 9 weeks now!!!!
Ecclesiastes 4:12
New International Version (NIV)
12 Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Meet our newest family traveling with us on this amazing ride: We are so blessed to be in this with The amazingly servant-hearted Shocklee Family!

Backing up again while we were in YWAM, Kona. Our first day in the prayer room, this precious young girl comes over and starts praying over Misty and myself. Then she starts prophesying and telling us that she sensed the Lord was saying that we did not have to worry about money at all and the journey He had set before us was already provided for. The finances are there. She said it would be effortless and her words were “Like you will be on an elevator and a stranger will write you a check.” I was thinking..”I receive that word Jesus, Amen!” HA! Others praying over us at home also gave us that same word, so we received it.
So here we are 9 weeks out until we leave and we’re raffling IPADS and Canon Rebels and selling and stacking firewood, and the money is coming in….. in trickles. Now there are 3 families here, a total of 19 of us, who don’t have a ton of extra money laying around, so we knew God was going to have to come through in a big way for our DTS and outreach for all of us, because to be honest, it’s really expensive to take your whole family to a school and then a 3- month outreach. Even though we knew He would, and He really does like to surprise us at the last moment, (and we know that) we were starting to sweat it. 9 weeks out and we weren’t even close to having what we needed to go. Then BOOM! Out of nowhere again, God surprises us.
I mentioned above we were selling firewood. Well, someone my mother-in-law knows heard of us selling firewood and what it was for and offered us a HUGE, GIGANTIC donation (fun jewelry) from a very large and well known retail chain in our area to sell to raise money! You guys, IT. IS. RIDICULOUS! We could open a store with the amount merchandise that was donated. And it is such fun stuff! Great stuff! So we have all this stuff (CRAZY AMOUNT OF STUFF) and in our minds we knew since God provided this, He will provide an avenue to sell it. A couple nights later I decided I did not want to cook and I randomly felt like Steak Kountry. It’s a great little small chain restaurant, but we rarely go there. It was a random choice. We were sitting eating our dinner and a couple from church walks in and comes to our table and says,”Hey, how is all your fundraising going for YWAM?” We told them about our donation and the husband says, “Hey I have a meeting with a man tomorrow morning and he happens to have a booth in Canton First Monday Trade Days, do you want me to ask if he can hook you guys up? UM, Seriously! YES!!!!!! So today, we got the number and… WE.ARE.GOING.TO.HAVE.A.BOOTH.AT.CANTON.TRADE DAYS!!! For those reading this, that don’t know what Canton First Monday Trade Days is, google it…it’s huge! It is rated as one of the top 3 Trade Days in the US and one of the top 100 best events to attend, and people from all over the US travel on down to little Canton just to go shopping there! AND……November and December are the busiest Canton months of the year!!! AMAZING! We didn’t go asking for this blessing or looking for it, God just laid it right before us and gave us an amazing venue to sell it as well. He is so amazing like that! The other night during our meeting, Misty said it so perfectly, she said something along the lines of, “You know, to the rest of the world, we are crazy. ” What she was getting at is when you tell people you are packing up your big families and dropping your jobs and your life for a 6 month season, people tend to think that is irresponsible. Some Christians may think, (and I’ve heard it,) “Wow! I’m so jealous, I wish we could do something like that.” Well Then Misty went on to add that our donation is just mind blowing, and the timing and venue can only be God. CAN ONLY BE GOD! She said she felt like the Lord was going to use we three families as forerunners to show other FAMILIES that they to can go when God calls them somewhere. Not just young adults right out of high school or retired couples with no strings attached. No matter the cost or how impossible it may seem, HE WILL MAKE A WAY and blow you away with how He does it, just as He is doing with us! He just wants you to trust Him enough to say YES to what He asks of you.
Matthew 19:26
New International Version (NIV)
26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

During an exciting time where God is calling His church to rise up, Let this verse ring true in your heart when you hear God call YOU! Because Jesus meant it when He spoke it, and even though your story will be different than ours, we are living proof that He meant it.

If you live near Canton or are planning a little trip over this next weekend, come find us. We don’t know our exact location yet, but we are on the main side. And we are going to be handing out fliers telling where we will be, so keep an eye out for our fliers. Come get the best deal you wouldn’t find anywhere else on some super fun jewelry, and say hi to us! We would love to see you and pray with you. GOD IS SO GOOD, AND SO MUCH FUN!
Stacy at 7:58 AM

Psalm 27:4 Says “The ONE thing I ask of Lord, The ONE thing I seek most is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
delighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in His Temple.

This verse has caught my heart over the past view years as I seemed to shift the attention of my relationship with God from what I can do to earn His affection toward really being drawn into His beauty, His person, His character and His nature. I realize I have ADD of the heart and soul. Im so easily distracted, so easily drawn away in the weakness of my mind, my emotions and thoughts being tugged on by the “daily grind” , the challenges of earning a living, my concerns for being a good husband, father and friend all while somehow attempt to cultivate my “spiritual self”. As my mind is pulled from one direction to the other I pick up worry, sorrow, depression, fear and doubt, realizing like the writter of the Psalm that everything else other than delving into the depths of who God is, understanding who He is feels like spending money I dont have or eating food I dont like and ending up dissatified and wanting. Lets face it our appetites are endless and the world around us offers a buffet of options to consider for soothing our hallowness. Its then when I decide to get myself into the place of prayer and communion with my God that I find myself so deeply satisfied and distractions that left me feeling overwhelmed are put into focus and I have clarity that from His presence there is infact a “fullness of joy” (Psalm 16:11) and I move from being overcome to overwhelmed in the best way possible.

Last night someone asked Misty and I why we would sell everything we own and decide to move our large family to a YWAM mission base and go to remote nations taking such a huge risk. Im hopeful and anticipating this next season of life for our family as we dive deep together in the presence of God. Im well aware its a cry of my heart that comes from weakness because I know no other way to be sure that my childrens hearts become fascinated with God in a way that changes their life forever. I also know that I cannot give to them what I do not have myself so Im excited that Misty and I get to do this with them.

In 64 days we will be driving toward the California coast to catch our plane and put on 9 passenger van on ship to meet us there. We dont know if we will be with YWAM for 6 months or 6 years but I know this..we are embarking on a journey that will transform us. Our hunger and our thirst are stirred up beyond explanation. We need to ground our family in an environment where our undestracted attentions can sharpened on the ONE thing that transcends all time, circumstances, feelings or possibilities.

Thank you to those of you who have already to comitted to walk with our family in prayer and financial support. As a father and leader of my house I dont have words to thank you for the gift your giving us. Im looking foward to sharing more. Please continue to pray for Misty and the children that our thirsts and hunger are met with the overwhelming knowledge of His glorious presence.

Sharon’s name was drawn as the winner of the new iPad this past Saturday. We are so greatful to eveyone who purchased tickets and helped us with this fundraising effort.  We raised nearly 700.00 for both families with this raffle.  We still have a long way to go so be sure to stay tuned to our blogs and follow us on facebook to hear what’s next.


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This from  to give you more insight about our journey and next venture to begin in just 18 wks.  Please pray for us and the Reeves family as we prepare to take on families to the mission field and explore this new adventure with the Lord. We need wisdom and direction and your prayers on our behalf.  Also, we need to raise a quite a bit of funds before our departure as well as a base of monthly support. Please pray about commiting to daily prayer for each family.   Our hearts our filled with such joyful anticipation as the time gets close for our departure. Join us!


Our vision is simple. We desire to train and release an army of joy-filled, cross-bearing, simply-obedient followers of Jesus. We believe in Jesus reviving hearts and nations. We believe that even in the midst of hardship and great darkness that Jesus is awakening His beloved bride and that we are on the verge of one of the greatest harvests in human history! Unto this end we labor: That the lost would be saved, the saved would be revived and all would be trained to multiply the kingdom of God. We have a deep passion for the presence of God, simple gospel proclamation and making Jesus famous in the nations.

There are four main values that we have felt to focus on as a community:

I. Consecrated communities- Set apart to holiness, loving Jesus, the lost and each other. Intentional discipleship and a deep commitment to relationship as the foundation of the kingdom.

II. Living centered around the person, teachings, and presence of Christ– A passion for worship, prayer, intercession, and the study of the scriptures.

III. Revival- To see the lost saved and the bride awakened to live in the fullness of what Jesus died to release into the life of every believer

IV. Cultural Reformation– To see a reformation of individual lives, ways of thinking, the body of Christ and society all based on the life and teachings of Christ


I. Training– We run discipleship training schools as well as other training events such as The School of the Circuit Rider to raise up, train, and equip the body of Christ

II. Outreach– We send dozens of teams all over the world to hold up the arms of those laboring on the ground, to pioneer, and to partner with what God is already doing in the nations.

III. Worship and prayer– We desire to see hundreds of expressions of worship and prayer pioneered all over the world. Worship and prayer are central values every where we go both short term and long term.

IV. Long term community plants– We desire to see hundreds and even thousands of praying, worshiping, gospel proclaiming communities/families planted around the world to walk out the Kingdom in practical and supernatural ways.