“Daddy, now I have more courage to share The Gospel!”

Can you imagaine my hearts delight when I heard our 8 year old daughter make this comment?  We were in the first month of outreach on The Big Island of Hawaii.  It was typical to go out several times a week as a family and to find people with whom we could share the love of our friend Jesus.  This time was a bit less structured as we were directed to pray and ask the Lord for a place to go and meet people. It could have been anywhere on the beach, within town among the tourists or in the nearby neighborhoods where we had distributed copies of the bible.  In this case our team felt as if we were to spend some time visiting with people around the community center and a park known as “Old Airport Beach Park”.  This was a popular site for the locals and was once the site of an old landing strip where the first airport had been. It was the home of midweek soccer practices and local hula competitions. It was also a popular place for Island homeless folks to hang out inconspicously. This time it was Maille, Noah, Kam and the two little ones.  We parked, loaded the stroller and made our way thru the expansive practice fields and playgrounds.  Mind you,  Im sharing this with you in such a matter of fact mannor but we were indeed filled with a bit of fear.  “What if we dont find anyone?”  “What if they reject our message and dont want to hear it?”  “What if we stumble over our words and look like fools?”  All of these thoughts filled our heads and we even voiced them aloud to each other as we made our way.  We prayed “God,  you are worthy of our weak attempts and we know that Jesus is real and is wanting to make new friends today” Just a few moments later we spotted very young couple laying on the grass together.  I knew were had an opportunity to share the love of God with these folks. Just think in an instant, they could make a decision to be friends with Jesus too and be changed for ever!!! It was this thought we had in mind as we approached them.  We asked “Do you know Jesus?”  Both of them responded “Yeah…didnt he die for our freedom or something like that?”  “Yes!, yes!” I replied. He did infact die for our freedom. I loved that he said it that way.  I then began to ask them if they had ever heard the simple gospel about Jesus.  They both said “no” and agreed that they would like to hear it.  In my mind Im thinking “really? Is this easy?” Using the scriptures from Romans I layed out the simple gospel message ending with Romans 10:9-10, and 13 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved … For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (NLT).  I then asked “would you like to know Him forever and be sure that your eternal home will be with him?” Again, to my amazement they both said “yes!” As I prayed with them my heart was filled with a flurry of emotions.  I realized that I loved watching people get saved and I loved that this was happening with my kids beside me who were helping me convey the biblical truths of the gospel themselves. Both of them entered into an eternal relationship with Jesus that day. Fact is Jesus was pursuing them long before we got there. We just got to see them say yes out loud. As we made our way home that afternoon we were sharing the things we saw and talking about the people that we had met.  We were so excited that our efforts paid off and we got to see people meet Jesus.  As we were walking Maille looks up and says “Daddy, now I have more courage to share The Gospel the next time.  This is a first hand  testimony of how making this transition into missions has so radically impacted our lives.  We desire to live for nothing less than these encounteres among our family.  We have seen that indeed the “feilds are white unto harvest” (Matt 9) and we are all given the tools we need to take our part as laborers.  We simply say “yes” and see Him do extrodinary things.

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