Update from The Cottles

Greetings Friends and partners

This week we meet the end of the six-month commitment we made with YWAM and graduate from the Fire and Fragrance DTS.
After three months of lecture phase (ending late this past March), Misty and I lead a team of 40 people made up of seven families and 2 singles (19 adults and 24 children ) around the Big Island of Hawaii to -save the lost -revive the saved -and train them all. In the past 10 weeks we have shared the gospel, prayed for the sick and strengthened local believers daily.
We’ve seen our children grow in actively and confidently hearing God’s voice while going with them on treasure hunts to share the gospel and pray for the sick. As a family we have grown together and have been more deeply rooted in love for God, His presence, and the mission field.
As an outreach team, we were able to take part in a bible distribution project to reach over 8000 homes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ . We personally got to share the gospel and lead people to salvation in Jesus.
We partnered with local churches by preaching and exhorting the body toward intimacy with Jesus and saving the lost. We witnessed God pour out his mercy over the lost , the sick healed and even the dead raised!

Our school teams went to the nations to preach the gospel and saw hundreds of salvations in India, Nepal, London and Amsterdam, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles California, Uganda, and South Africa. As a school we saw hundreds of people transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and their souls changed for eternity.

We are hooked! We are all in!
We can honestly say that the last six months have been so transformational that it will change our family forever. How can we do anything else but continue to join him in this work?
On June 12th we leave Kona Hawaii, headed for Dallas, Texas where we hope to connect with so many of you, our family and friends. While in Dallas we want to connect with our faithful financial supporters and prayer partners to share about our experiences and vision for Missions in the next leg of our journey.
In early August we travel to Canby, Oregon to work with the Jump in House of Prayer and make connections at the YWAM base in Salem.
Currently our plan is to return to Kona by mid December thru Spring to rejoin our YWAM cohorts to disciple and train more young missionaries and support families as they transition into full time missions.
Recently our family ventured out all together to watch the movie The Croods. I know we are a bit behind but we loved this movie so much because we could relate to this family journey in so many ways. There are several quotes we liked so I thought I would end with this one that seems to sum up where we are so well given all that we have experienced and now left feeling compelled to respond in like manner

“No more caves ! We’re gonna jump on the sun (Son) and ride it till Tomorrow” —The Croods

Prayer requests :
Continue to pray for us on this journey that we would carry this zeal we have forward toward for more salvations and more revived souls.
-Continue to consider a monthly financial partnership with us.
-Pray for opportunities to share our story with Dallas area churches
-Pray for the contacts we will make in Dallas and Canby, Oregon
-Pray for a buyer for our van this week in Kona or a clear word from The Lord about this
– Pray for the children in this transition as we say goodbye to such close friends from all over the world.
-Pray for preaching opportunities in Dallas and on our trip to Oregon in late July .

Grace and Peace,
The Cottles
Brady & Misty
Olivia (12) Kam (10) Noah (8)Maille (8) Edie (6) Brandon (4) Caroline (2)

The one thing I ask of the Lord — the thing I seek most— is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord ’s perfections and meditating in his Temple. (Psalms 27:4 NLT)

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