Living for The Presence and ADD of Heart

Psalm 27:4 Says “The ONE thing I ask of Lord, The ONE thing I seek most is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
delighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in His Temple.

This verse has caught my heart over the past view years as I seemed to shift the attention of my relationship with God from what I can do to earn His affection toward really being drawn into His beauty, His person, His character and His nature. I realize I have ADD of the heart and soul. Im so easily distracted, so easily drawn away in the weakness of my mind, my emotions and thoughts being tugged on by the “daily grind” , the challenges of earning a living, my concerns for being a good husband, father and friend all while somehow attempt to cultivate my “spiritual self”. As my mind is pulled from one direction to the other I pick up worry, sorrow, depression, fear and doubt, realizing like the writter of the Psalm that everything else other than delving into the depths of who God is, understanding who He is feels like spending money I dont have or eating food I dont like and ending up dissatified and wanting. Lets face it our appetites are endless and the world around us offers a buffet of options to consider for soothing our hallowness. Its then when I decide to get myself into the place of prayer and communion with my God that I find myself so deeply satisfied and distractions that left me feeling overwhelmed are put into focus and I have clarity that from His presence there is infact a “fullness of joy” (Psalm 16:11) and I move from being overcome to overwhelmed in the best way possible.

Last night someone asked Misty and I why we would sell everything we own and decide to move our large family to a YWAM mission base and go to remote nations taking such a huge risk. Im hopeful and anticipating this next season of life for our family as we dive deep together in the presence of God. Im well aware its a cry of my heart that comes from weakness because I know no other way to be sure that my childrens hearts become fascinated with God in a way that changes their life forever. I also know that I cannot give to them what I do not have myself so Im excited that Misty and I get to do this with them.

In 64 days we will be driving toward the California coast to catch our plane and put on 9 passenger van on ship to meet us there. We dont know if we will be with YWAM for 6 months or 6 years but I know this..we are embarking on a journey that will transform us. Our hunger and our thirst are stirred up beyond explanation. We need to ground our family in an environment where our undestracted attentions can sharpened on the ONE thing that transcends all time, circumstances, feelings or possibilities.

Thank you to those of you who have already to comitted to walk with our family in prayer and financial support. As a father and leader of my house I dont have words to thank you for the gift your giving us. Im looking foward to sharing more. Please continue to pray for Misty and the children that our thirsts and hunger are met with the overwhelming knowledge of His glorious presence.

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