Its been a while

You Say: “Hey you look familiar. Do I know you?”

I Say: “Well yeah, its just been a while since we talked”

You Say:  “No kidding, I thought you’d gone and fallen off the face of the earth!”

I Say:  “No, I just ended up in Wylie….The face of the earth is still a long ways off”.


Yes, its been a while. We moved to Wyile nearly a year ago. Since our transition here, we have officially completed adoption on Brandon and Caroline. (big sighs of relief and hoorays in the background)

Lets just say there has been a lot going on. As much as you could imagine and not that much different from what it would be like if you moved to a new city, started going to a new church, kids going to a new school all while dad is a adjusting to a new job and mom  to a new schedule.  What ever your reaction was to that last sentence, trust me, we felt it.

Now before I paint too dismal of a picture I must say that it was not all bad.  It’s ironic how much misery you can find if you are only focused on being miserable and Thank You Jesus there have been lots of redeeming things about this last season. Things like completing the adoptions, being blessed with a good job, making some great new friends, finding a good church to be part of and settling into a pretty “typical” rythm of life.

“Typical” is great for some people and honest to goodness we have given a good run but…well gosh darnit, it just does not wear to well on us for too long.  So…yep..we are headed for more transition.

Honestly, some things we have learned in the last year is realizing how badly we want our children to be raised to be passionate lovers of God and of others.  For years now we have dreamt of doing life together as a family with other families where we can actively teach our children to focus on ONE THING. That ONE THING being pusing the very presence of God, to know Him more and love others with our understanding of His great love. We want to continue to bring the lives of orphans to forefront of believers everywhere.

As you may have read in some recent posts both here and on Facebook, we beleive that God has indeed invited us into a season and location to experience this very thing. We believe we have a window of time for our children to be made more firm in their affections for Jesus. That environment is Youth With A Mission aka YWAM and the University of Nations Missions Base in Kona, Hawaii.   We have made a 6 month family missions committment to join a Decipleship Training School (DTS) and Outreach beginning January 3rd of 2013.

Both Misty and I have heard from the Lord about this invitation.   Did I mention that Misty and I are on the same page about this?   If you know us at all you know that we are two very…well lets say “steadfast and strong willed” people.  In our 12 years of marriage we have been good at getting things done, but we have never experienced more unity in purpose or peace about a family decision than in this.

We are in process now of selling most of what we own, down to the very essentials.  We will live on base at YWAM Kona for the 3 months of our DTS and then go on Outreach (destination unknown as yet).  Beginning about 2 months ago we began a part time job as a family selling veggies at a local farmers market.  The Farmers Market, along with the sell of much our household possessions has given us a good start on fundraising.  We will need to raise additional funds before our departure in late December, but more on that later.

We are excited about where God has us in this season and in preparation for the coming year.  We have embarked on another great adventure with God where we are sure we will be astonished and amazed.  We are expectant that as a family, we will grow deeper in  love with Him while we become more of who He has created us to be individually. We need your prayers.  STOP…WAIT!  If this is not the first time you have ever received a letter from a missionary, then the temptation is to put this on the back burner for when there is more time.  If this IS the first time you have seen a letter from a soon to be missionary, then congrats for making it to the 10th paragraph.  In any case, please please pray.  There are so many details, so many more steps of preparation before our planned departure. Among all those things is the reality of being present in each moment to attend to things like job, school…ya know,,every day stuff.

We hope to be giving you more details in the days to come and you can always shoot us an email or comment here if you have other questions.

More to come.

Brady and Misty


4 thoughts on “Its been a while

  1. It’s good to hear from you and to read your news — what a beautiful family — your plans sound good to me and yes I will pray. Love,Marie

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