Your Invited …yes even you!

Its time.  Its time to take our collective dreams, passions, experiences and desire to the next level and we are inviting you on the journey.  Its time to speak up for Texas orphans who dont have a voice of their own.  Its time to speak up, incite each other and unite our voices to make a change that benefits Texas waiting children.  Texas has 10% of the nations 500K children in foster care.  Love Looks Like This is a new non profit in Texas committed to being a voice, a callaborator and an ingnitor of change for these children. 

Tomorrow night (Thursday 12/8) we welcome you to join us at Oak Lawn Coffee for a wine, art auction and conversation as we give an official launch to this exciting new effort.   

When: Thursday 12/8/2011

Oak Lawn Coffee 2720 Oak Lawn Ave (Oak Lawn and Congress)  Dallas, TX 75219

All donations benefit Love Looks Like This  and its new web campaign.

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