It’s a new phase for lovelookslikethis

Last week we entered a new phase of work as we began the process of getting our non profit status under way. We have filed with the state and with the IRS and we can begin operation . Goal one is to launch a campaign in North Texas to encourage the church toward adoption. With 10% of the nations waiting children in our state we will join this adoption revolution and turn up the volume on the cry of orphaned children.
Special thanks goes out to our friends and family at Antioch Church Dallas for hosting our first fundraising effort held yesterday. The garage sale of donated items raised funds that will pay our accountant (thank you Jack Kendall). I also want to thank Matt and Rachel Clarke, our faithful cohorts who worked tirelessly getting all the details together for our kick off fundraiser. We need raise 3k just to pay off our preliminary set up costs. After that we will be on the hunt for a talented web designer who will help us build the on line marketing initiative to provoke North Texas believers and raise awareness. Over the coming months you will see this blog transform into the organization website. For more information about how you can join us stay tuned here or us at Thank you for praying and remember orphan Sunday is November 6th.

Brady Cottle
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