Dear Cottle Kids! As I roll through the thoughts of this Father’s Day I had a few things I wanted to share. I love being your dad! Truth is there is no greater honor God has given me than to be the dad and husband of this amazing family. I can’t wait to see who we all become together because I’m so proud of who you are now. Each of my kids inspire me and provoke me to be a better man, to think more , dream more, love more and be present in the moment. I have one desire and that is that you be all you are made to be, seeing all the goodness of God and take your place in part of a generation that will hasten the return of Jesus! What a great and glorious adventure we are on. Yes, It will sometimes be exhausting, hard and even painful to keep your head and faith high, but I promise you the things we will discover together are going to be priceless, unforgettable and miraculous. Love Jesus wholeheartedly, love others lavishly and live like there is nothing more certain or worth pursuing than the fruit of those things. Undoubtedly, I will forget the passion and zeal for you that I have for you while I write these words but your Heavenly Daddy will never fall short in loving you well. I pray that as we travel life together I will do well to represent His heart to yours. Thanks for a great day, Love, Dad.