Stone by stone

So in the post from last Friday I mentioned that I was “turning over rocks”.  Not that I want to over spiritualize everything but it seems to me that just when Im about to become convinced that Ive lost my mind in this pursuit God puts an obvious “stone” to be overturned in my path.  This past Sunday I met Amanda at Upper Room. She approached with this look on her face that was hopeful and excited.  She was introduced by a mutual friend who mentoned our adoptions and vision to reach out to other families and to advocate for children who are waiting.  She proceeds to tell me about her encounter with the Lord at age 19 and her hearing very clearly that God would send her to an unconventional people group to minister the heart of God.   The difference is that she would not travel to a remote tribe and translate the bible into a rare lanquage rather she woud give her life to mother and disciple the orphans of our very own country.  She proceeds to explain in eerie detail the same sort of elements of a ministry  that Misty and I have been dreaming about with others right down to the same geographic area of Texas. She shared how her one desire was to see the hope and calling of God for each child come alive.  Amanda’s desire and zeal was like a re-charge to my faith that snuffed out any disbelief and discouragment.

And if that were not enough, tonights dinner with Matt and Rachel was inspiring and felt like dinner with old friends even tho we had never been in the same room face to face for more than 5 minutes before now.  These two exemplify the heart of God to those on the fringes.  They are undoubtedly devoted to these kids.  In her own words “I just dont care about anything else anymore”.  She and Matt shared their experiences of loving on kiddos from the foster care system.  She said “I knew these were not my children but the time I spent with then, no matter how short, will have eternal impact”.  It takes etreme courage and faith to live sacrificially without seeing the reward of your work.  I have no doubt that Matt and Rachel have already changed the world and I cant wait to learn more of them and where God is leading them next. Check our their blog at Better Then Empty  

So I wrote this tonight with the thought that some day (I hope later than sooner) I would need to be motivated to keep reaching out, keep setting up dinners, and keep discovering what God is doing around us.  And if you are reading this, take a moment to pray for Amanda, Matt and Rachel and us for an increase in wisdome and discernment and faith to respond to the leading of His Spirit.

This is not as hard as it looks

3 thoughts on “Stone by stone

  1. such a sweet time together last night…matt and I agreed on the way home that it felt like we had known each other forever. The food was amazing and your family is beautiful!

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