Update after court.. time for turning over rocks

Its 12:30 PM. We arrived home from the courthouse just a little more than an hour ago.  The result is mixed. At least we know now what sort of timeline we are on and where we stand in this process.  Thats the “good’ part.  Its not that there is a “bad” part, its just that this new information changes our expectation of what happens in the next few months.   In short, this delays our plans to move to KC for Fall interships.  Now we reasses how God is leading. We keep doing what I call “turning over rocks”.  Turning over rocks is like going on a scavenger hunt with God. Relationships, possibilities, connections, introductions, dinners, prayer, words of encouragement, words of widsom, listening to the Spirit, asking for revelation, these are all rocks under which could be the very thing that God is giving us grace for in the next season.  There are things we won’t discover unless we go on this adventure this jouney of finding and turning over rocks.  I may not understand what God is up to but I know for sure that He is good in every way.  Please keep praying for us to have great wisdom and discernment and that our ears stay open to hear his voice.